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A word from the Executive Director

Dear Everyone,

The KOICA Alumni  Kenya Chapter (KAKC) is  a Registered Society of Kenya Public Servants who have benefited from South Korean Government Sponsorship to attend training/courses through the Korea International Cooperation Agency (KOICA).

KAKC has existed since 2009 when it was first registered by the Registrar of Societies in Kenya to operate.  The formation of  the association was conceived during consultations between the KOICA – Kenya Country Office and a few like-minded Public Servants who had attended training in Korea.

The alumni’s Principal Objectives are two fold; namely:

  • - To promote interaction and cooperation among ex-KOICA sponsored trainees through information sharing and exchange   of ideas and knowledge.
  • - To promote, monitor and evaluate KOICA training and programmes for the mutual benefit of both Kenyan and South Korean people.

From its inception to date, the Alumni has carried out a raft of activities.  All these activities have been possible  due to the close and cordial relationship with the KOICA Kenya Office under the Country Director, Ms Hyeyoung SHIN leadership,   The association is currently managed by six elected officials who form the KAKC Executive Board.

Among the tangible and marked achievements of the KAKC Executive Board are:

  • The official registration of the Alumni as a society – on 14th April, 2009.
  • Developed and launched the Alumni Constitution as required by the Societies Act.
  • Develop and adopted a Logo that has the moto “LEARNING THROUGH SHARING”
  • Have participated in a number of Korean cultural activities and events including Korean - National Days celebrations, and
  • Opening and operating an Alumni Account with the Cooperative Bank of Kenya.

In addition to the above , the officials hold several board meetings  that are instrumental in formulating the objectives, functions and operations of the association every year.

Despite the obvious challenges that KAKC has had to grapple with, such as limited sources of funding, absence of an institutionalized physical office space and scattered membership through-out the country, the zeal and drive  to achieve the objectives of the alumni has been  the ‘grease’ that  has lubricated the rough journey for the Executive Officials.

I hasten to thank all our supporters, well-wishers and particularly the KOICA - Kenya Office for their prayers and support over the years.  KAKC’s 2016 Newsletter is available here in the Downloads section. I take the earliest opportunity to welcome all readers to enjoy the newsletter.  Your constructive critique and suggestions will be handy in building the quality, content and knowledge that will be contained in the year 2017 6th edition.

Welcome aboard KAKC fraternity and lets all “Learn Through Sharing”.

Peter O. Oloo

Executive Director, KAKC

2016 Speech



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