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KOICA Activities in Kenya

The history of KOICA programmes to Kenya started in 1991, when KOICA provided technical training programmmes. From 1991 to 2013, KOICA has offered regular and scholarship training programmes to 500 Kenyan Government officials.

KOICA's ODA to Kenya expanded with the establishment of the KOICA Kenya office in 2008. A programme budget of KOICA for 2013 was approximately USD 2million.

Korea and Kenya share similar characteristics;

  • Geographical Advantage
  • Lack of Natural Resources
  • Qualified Human Resources

KOICA Kenya office aims to take advantage of qualified human resources of Kenya to fulfill  Kenya's Vision 2030 goals. In this context, KOICA plans to push ahead with cooperation programs for the country in consideration of the MTP Plans, in order to maximize the effectiveness of its ODA.

Our focus in Kenya is currently on:

  1. Enhancing the quality of life by providing sustainable access to safe drinking water;
  2. Increasing education opportunities for women, children and youth, thus promoting gender equality and providing youth employment opportunities;
  3. Improving administrative capacity and support improvement of public systems through capacity building.

7 Projects

Completed Projects (6):

  • Construction of Water Treatment Plant for the Asembo Bay (2007-2009 / $1.53 million)
  • Rehabilitation of the Naivasha-Suswa Water Supply Scheme (2007-2008 / $0.89 million)
  • Rehabilitation and Construction of Primary Schools in Nairobi, Nakuru and Thika (2008-2009 / $2.5 million)
  • Development of Large Diameter Wells along the Tana Basin to supplement the Garissa Urban Water Supply (2008-2009 / $2.08 million)
  • Improvement and Upgrading of Kitengela Health Centre (2009-2011 / $2.0 million)
  • Production of Large Scale Topographical Data Framework for Lamu Area (2011-2013 / $2.8 million)

Ongoing Projects (1):

  • Awendo Water Supply (2010-2012 / $2.9 million)

500 Officials invited

More than 500 Kenyan officials had benefited from KOICA's training programmes by 2013.

From 2010 to 2011, 68 Training programmes have been offered to more than 130 Kenyan Government officials in terms of:

  • Regular training Programmes
  • Scholarship Programmes

37 NGO Support  Programmes

In order to make its activities more effective, KOICA has been supporting NGO Projects involving the dispatch of volunteers since 2005.


At the end of 2012, KOICA had already supported 37 NGO projects with a total of $2.8 million, mainly focusing on social infrastructure and water and sanitation projects. These include:

  • Managing Social Welfare Centre in Rongai
  • Supplying of safe drinking water and sanitation education in Tana Delta District
  • Drinking water and sustainable agriculture development  project in Kajiado
  • Construction of multicomplex for vocational training and meals for children in Got Matar, Kisumu
  • Building nursery school and education project for Maasai children in IImarba
  • Development of drinking water and improving health and sanitation environment in low income areas near Nairobi
  • Empowerment of disabled residents in Ongata Rongai through medical care and preventive education programmes


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