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I take this great opportunity to extend my heartfelt gratitude to the KAKC fraternity for accepting me into the leadership of our alumni as the new president of KAKC. I would have loved to have been present at the past Annual General Meeting to witness such an auspicious day, however owing to official duties I was unable to attend. I am confident that my team was able to steer the event forward and successfully.

I must say that while serving KAKC for the past one year in my capacity as the deputy President, I did my best and we were able to achieve the tasks that were set before us. I however must point out that execution of those tasks was not without challenges but as a team, we were able to overcome the obstacles and triumphed to the very end. I remember when we took over the office in December 2014, we as a team promised to deliver on the various agendas that were before the committee. I wish to state without fear of contradiction that we did our best. With the collaborative spirit between KAKC and our partners at KOICA, we were able to achieve our miles stones.

If you will allow me, I wish to take this opportunity to mention some of the highlights of our activities which I thought were of great impact and success. Amongst others was our visit to Korompoi Primary school in Kajiado County. This is a school where we were able to witness the less privileged children succeed despite living in poverty and have gone ahead and beaten the odds, thanks to their able leadership starting from their parents, teachers and community who have offered the much needed support to get their children where they are today. I am sure you have been able to read about this event as it was captured very clearly in this last year’s magazine together with the some lovely pictorials.

We as KAKC are proud to be associated with such Co-operate social responsibilities (CSR).

The other key event was the knowledge exchange program that was hosted by Mount Kenya University, Virtual Campus here in Nairobi. With regard to this event, for those who were present during the AGM of 2013, you may recall that some members felt that knowledge exchange needed some prominence and thus it would be best if carried out separately from the AGM, this would provide enough time for handling of the Alumni business. It is my prayer that by putting our member’s thoughts into consideration, we met your expectations. As always we appreciate your continued feedback because that is the only way we shall be able to grow our organization.

To members of our alumni, as I had mentioned our efforts were faced with some challenges and the most outstanding is the fact that our team of officials are all full time government employees and most of us reside outside Nairobi County. You can imagine the kind of dedication that the team had and continues to demonstrate in order to ensure that the events were and continue to succeed. It takes nothing less than self-sacrifice and total commitment. It is at this juncture I salute my committee members both present and past and tell them bravo a job well done, to our employer’s thank you for allowing us time out of our normal duties to give back to the society through KAKC. I must also not forget to say that the team would not have made it without the support that we received from the KOICA office through the able leadership of Mr. Kim (whom we now fondly refer to as Mr. Mutiso and in other quarters as Mogaka) and to his predecessor Ms. Choi.

Friends, please allow me to take this opportunity to welcome the new officials on board and to assure them of our endeavor to foster the team spirit that we have been blessed with, be assured that we shall nature you accordingly and that you need to start feeling at home. It is through the concerted efforts from all the stakeholders involved in the running of the various programs that we have managed to enhance the cordial relationship between our Country Kenya and that of South Korea.

As part of KAKCs leadership, I wish to identify myself with the statement made by our able ex- president Mr. Chacha Mwita and reiterate my relentless efforts in moving KAKCs agenda forward. It is in this regard that I take this moment to urge members to take an active role by making time to participate in this year’s activities. I am happy to inform you that my team has adopted an open communication policy where we are accessible even through our personal mobiles. We have also ensured that our website is constantly updated and members are welcome to give their input.

In the course of time we shall through the KOICA office be requesting for your participation in the activities set out before us over this calendar year 2015 and also we shall be grateful if members can submit articles to be featured in the next magazine.

I urge members to please pay up their yearly membership fee to enable support the successful executive of the various projects scheduled for this year.

Finally, I say asante sana to KAKC’s guests - His Excellency the Deputy Head of Mission, South Korean Government in Kenya, Mr. You Kijun, our Chief Guest Mr. Simon Angote and Mrs. Margaret Muia (Ministry of Devolution and Planning), Mr. Kim Eunsub, the KOICA Representative in Kenya, former KAKC Executive Director, Mr. Chacha Mwita, the KAKC officials, and KAKC fellows for gracing our function and taking time out of their busy schedules to attend to the alumni’s needs.

God bless you all, bless our dear country Kenya and our partner State of South Korea.

Warm greetings for this year 2016!

Helen Koki




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