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KOICA Fellows Experience

A short course on Program Development and Operation Enhancement Policies for the Youth in 2014. By Nicholas Juma Machio, the National Treasury.

I feel delighted to write to Korea & KOICA in sharing my experience after three week training in Korea at ICC and Korea Coast guard academy. I look forward to have another opportunity of the same experience and more important to share the experience with KOICA and my country in particular the organization that I work for in enhancing activities related to the programme .Every moment of the training, tour and interaction with Korean people was exciting and a new finding in life.

I also look forward for the cooperation of Korea and Kenya to continue as ultimate beneficiary cut across the two nations. My stay at KOICA ICC gave me an opportunity to interact with fellow trainees nominated from different nations who have different background in culture and language .The Korean meals are in several different ingredients and quite tasty .I really enjoyed their menu and inter mingled with other trainees from other nations hence making us create new friendship sharing way of life and culture of other nations as well.

Once participants get at the ICC Korea, they all adapt one common life style within the set regulations and are free to settle in the new environment which is conducive with various sporting facilities and balanced programme that gives participants more exposure to the public .In the public participants are able to learn from the Korean citizen directly. Their visits in historic venues like museum give much for one to understand the ancient life and culture.

As we toured one place to another I noticed from young to old are conscious of clean environment and the government has placed sporting facilities in strategic position for whoever feels like keeping  physical fitness does so. We visited the Seoul tower, Korea National museum, the Busan Aqurium, the Nanta and other amazing areas. It was fun getting to see new things that are not common in our country like the numerous ground tunnels and underground shopping malls that cover several kilometers not forgetting to mention the longest incheon bridge that runs 30KM.

The Korea citizens are nice people committed to serve their country by being absolutely patriotic and full of hospitality to foreigners. The official language apparently most spoken is the Korean language and English is spoken by few.

KOICA has established a worldwide training programme that covers different aspects from marine related to governance, short time to long time. I attended three weeks training on strengthening crime prevention and maritime law enforcement capabilities (Kenya) 2015.

The training was carried out at Korea coast guard academy an institution that is fully equipped with modern training facilities in maritime. We did vessel maneuvering simulation training and to our amazement it appeared as real situation. Basically the training programme is well planed, coordinated and facilitated. The lectures are professionals and have attained long service experience in their disciplines before joining the academy. Majority speaks Korean language and a few required an interpreter in English but they have the zeal to understand and speak English too.

In conclusion if one has not had an opportunity to go to Korea KOICA then you need to because it’s happiness, finding new friends, strengthening inter nation ties hence improving in their cooperation and trade. One comes back in the country enriched with more skills, good attitude and a changed person as an agent to make a change to others that have not had the exposure at KOICA especially to the environmental conservation and good for all.

Special thanks to the Korean government, Kenyan government through the Ministry of transport and infrastracture,Kenya ferry services Limited, as I can not mention each and every person in the success of the training as the list is long but I appreciate the effort in enabling the success of the training.

Best regards from,

Yours faithfully,

Nicholas Juma Machio.

Country: Kenya

Course Title: Strengthening crime prevention & Maritime law enforcement capabilities in Kenya.

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