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2013, August 26

The KAKC, which is managed and run entirely by Kenyan government officials has taken great strides and will release its second newsletter this year. Such efforts made on behalf of the KOICA Alumni, are supported and highly appreciated by KOICA Kenya Office as they further strengthen the friendship between Kenya and Korea. In addition to these activities, the KAKC also guide new KOICA training course participants before their visit to Korea, by settling any doubts they may have about encountering a new culture in a foreign land.

The KAKC most recently also carried out a voluntary exercise on August 10, 2013, at Athi Primary School in the outskirts of Nairobi, which is in fact one of the schools constructed by KOICA as part of a previous school Project. The Committee members of KAKC who are all Kenyan government officials working within different Ministries, accompanied by the Resident Representative of KOICA Kenya Office and KOICA staff, visited the school and spent a day with the students boosting their morale and providing the assurance of future assistance and support to the school.

The KAKC volunteers donated writing materials and text books for all classes, planted trees within the school compound and shared snacks with the students. The school head teacher showed great appreciation for KOICA’s continued efforts towards supporting the school’s progress and the students themselves rejoiced with song and dance to express their gratitude to KOICA for continuously extending that helping hand with such additional efforts.

KOICA Kenya Office is especially proud of the many efforts made on behalf of its Alumni members to sustain the relationship between the two countries. The values and concern for others which was initially expressed by Korea towards the Kenyan people, is now being continuously passed on through its Kenyan members.


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