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Hello fellows,

I welcome you all to the new face of the KAKC (Koica Alumni Kenya Chapter) website. This indeed is a step we needed as an association, to let the world understand and appreciate who we are as well as to coordinate our association in one platform as we strengthen our relationship between the two countries – KENYA and SOUTH KOREA.

The government of Korea and Kenya has had a long bilateral relationship, with Korea continuing to offer support to Kenya as it journeys towards economic development by sharing its policies and strategies with Kenya so as to contribute to her socio-economic development. Korea believes it can play an important role in consolidating the gains of devolution in Kenya’s History. To achieve this Korea through KOICA has been able to invite over 1154 Kenyan officials by July 2019 to South Korea for training and sharing experience, to enhance their current technical and administrative skills with the aim of applying them to their development.

Upon return to Kenya, the KOICA fellows are required to share their Korean training and experiences to their local county Governments and time to time are required to participate in activities organized by the executive committee. Thus “LEARNING THROUGH SHARING.”

KOICA fellows are given an opportunity to form and run the affairs of the association with the support from the KOICA office as it’s mandated to be the overall oversight and advisor of the association.

I, therefore, wish to challenge each and every beneficiary of the KOICA training (both short and long term(masters) training) to purpose to attend the associations’ activities and to help strengthen the association between these two countries. Fellows are therefore regarded as ambassadors of Kenya in Korea and as well as Korean ambassadors in Kenya. I also encourage each and every one of us to write an article on their experiences in Korea and also to document the best practice he/she has implemented in Kenya following their fellowship programs in South Korea, of which all shall be published in this website.

I am looking forward to having an interactive alumni association.

Sankaire Daniel