A Message from the President: Shaping Tomorrow Together

Dear Esteemed Alumni,

It is with great pleasure and enthusiasm that I reach out to you today as the President of our esteemed alumni association. As custodians of a legacy built on excellence and camaraderie, we stand at the precipice of new opportunities and challenges, ready to shape tomorrow together.

Our alumni community is more than just a network; it is a testament to the transformative power of education and shared experiences. Each one of us carries within us the values instilled by KOICA, and it is this shared ethos that binds us together, regardless of distance or time.

In today’s rapidly changing world, the importance of staying connected and engaged with fellow alumni cannot be overstated. It is through collaboration and collective action that we can truly make a difference, both in our personal and professional lives and in the wider community.

As we look ahead, I am excited about the possibilities that lie before us. Whether it’s fostering mentorship opportunities for the next generation, contributing to charitable causes, or simply reconnecting with old friends, there are countless ways in which we can make a meaningful impact together.


I encourage each and every one of you to actively participate in the various initiatives and events organized by our association. Your involvement not only enriches your own life but also strengthens the bonds that unite us as a community.


In closing, let us remember KOICA; it is a part of who we are, shaping our identities and guiding our paths long after we completed our programmes. Together, let us honor this legacy and continue to inspire greatness in ourselves and others.


Thank you for your ongoing support, dedication, and commitment to our association and to each other.


Warm regards,


Angela Mukiri


KOICA Alumni Kenya Chapter



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