Learning Through Sharing
Allianz Plaza, 96, Riverside Dr, Nairobi Office
Mon-Fri : 08:00 - 16:00

Jambo Alumni,

It is my hope that you are all doing well and keeping safe.

Thank you for visiting our website and we encourage you to continue doing so. We will be sharing all the association’s information here.

We, at the KAKC office work hard to facilitate and support connections. In the past couple of years, we’ve had tremendous developments that are helping us in the alignment to our core objectives;

  1. Promotion of KAKC programs in Kenya for mutual benefit between Kenya and Korea.
  2. Provide an avenue for sharing experiences gained from the fellowship programs.
  3. Promote interactions and maintain relationships with other fellows and KOICA through various alumni best practices.


How the committee identifies best practices.

  1. Following KOICA’s annual activity plan.
  2. Clear objective of the idea
  3. Expected degree of benefit to the community
  4. Sustainability of the desired impact
  5. KAKC members participation and that of the government, both local and national..

I hope you find the right fit. There are so many ways to be involved!

How do you get involved?

  1. Payment of the annual subscription fee Ksh 1000/= to the KAKC account.
  2. Participation in our activities that will always be communicated to the members promptly.
  3. Personal form of social responsibility. Giving donations to KAKC both financial and in kind based on the activities that we have.
  4. Attending general meetings.
  5. Giving feedback on our activities through the website and the contact information provided therein.

I started my volunteer activities in 2018 when I paid for membership subscription and have been doing so ever since. I also attend association’s activities and due to my active participation, I was elected Secretary General for KAKC in the 2019 AGM. During my tenure , together with the KAKC committee we identified best practices that are sustainable and made great impact to the community. I take personal responsibility to encourage alumni around me to get involved in the association’s activities. Resulting from my being vibrant and active, I was elected chairperson in the 2022 general meeting. We are currently working on partnerships with other organizations to ensure that we create an even bigger impact in our society .I also volunteer to give talks to  our audience when conducting the association’s activities mostly on life skills and customer  satisfaction ( The fellowship program I benefited from).

There’s space for everyone to make their contribution.

I encourage you to explore volunteer opportunities in support of KAKC. I have found personal and professional growth in connecting with other alumni and serving. I have formed many lasting friendships along the way. I am grateful that I can continue to do so, and I look forward to your joining me.

The possibilities ahead are boundless! Let’s go out and be the CHANGE AGENTS.

Best Regards,



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