Dir. IM Jang Hee

Country Director,

I recently joined KOICA Kenya Office (KOKE), and I am very delighted to welcome you to this platform that celebrates the Korea-Kenya friendship! 

I would like to congratulate the KOICA Alumni Kenya Chapter (KAKC) for the editing and publishing of this newsletter, and for the wonderful work you have done. Hongera! A big thank you to all KOICA fellows for keeping this forum active and engaged in various ways. Your achievements have effected lasting and positive change in Kenyans’ lives and communities. Asante! Because of the COVID-19 pandemic, 2020 has been an especially challenging year.

However, in our true spirit, we have come together on a number of occasions in our quest to continue giving back to society. They included donations of thermoguns to four county governments in Kenya, namely, Vihiga, Nandi, Kiambu, and Kajiado. In September, two executives, Mr. Daniel S. Sankaire and Mr. Macharia M. Gachau held a COVID-19 prevention seminar on our Facebook (https://www.facebook.com/koicakenya/), and the videos are still available for your benefit. 

In October, KAKC visited the Lady Hope Wellness Institute – a center that caters for cancer-affected families – and donated sewing machines for empowerment at the family level. In November, the association visited Muteithia Polytechnic in Naivasha, where the team donated various equipment that contributed to the commencement of a food and beverage department in the school. Happily, Ms.Clarice Ambale Akatsa, an alumnus from Machakos County who participated in the 2019 CIAT Best Practice Award Essay Competition received the first prize (Samsung Tablet and certificate) for quality content and outstanding
performance. I highly appreciate the drive, dedication and commitment our alumni have demonstrated in the change-making endeavors.

During my term in Kenya, I would not only like to encourage all fellows to take advantage of and actively participate in maximizing the benefits of our Fellowship Program but also assure the keenness we have in supporting your initiatives. You are change-makers, just as KOKE is the change facilitator for Kenyans. By marrying our roles, we become a family of change agents for Kenyans.

More importantly, together with the State Department of Public Service, we offer continued support to you, as you embark on a journey of implementing what you learned in Korea post-training.

The action plans you developed in Korea can materialize as new projects in home country. To this end, I encourage you to engage KOKE with a proposal through Ms.Aidah Mtende (Email: aidahmtende02@overseas.koica.go.kr; Number: 020 2391889) for the realization of our action plans.

As we take stock of the activities and plans we’ve had this past year, we cannot overlook the commitment and dedication that the KAKC Executive Committee has exhibited while discharging its mandate.


Through consistency, the officials have played a major role in ensuring the continuity of KAKC’s spirit, which in turn has cemented the bond between our two countries. I would, therefore, like to commend the Committee for
its concerted effort, which is truly noteworthy. I wish to conclude by appealing to all of us to rekindle our passion for change As we take stock of the activities and plans we’ve had this past year, we cannot overlook the commitment and dedication that the KAKC Executive Committee has
exhibited while discharging its mandate. of Kenyans and become active change agents. Please feel free to identify with KAKC and continue with your camaraderie that started off when you joined this great association. When we have a chance to meet in the near future, let us learn from each other with the change we have

Asante Sana!

aidahmtende02@overseas.koica.go.kr 020 2391889


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