Winnie Musyoki

Deputy Treasurer

Government of Makueni County | Administrative Officer – Department of Infrastructure,
Transport, Public Works, Housing and Energy

KOICA Alumni Kenya Chapter | Deputy Treasurer (Elected)

I am passionate about fostering sustainable development and improving community livelihoods, I
bring a wealth of experience in administrative management within the public sector. As an
Administrative Officer with the Government of Makueni County, I play a pivotal role in ensuring
efficient coordination and implementation of infrastructure projects vital for the well-being of
Makueni citizens.

In my capacity as Deputy Treasurer of the KOICA Alumni Kenya Chapter, I am committed to
enhancing international cooperation and collaboration in areas such as education, healthcare, and
technology. Through networking and resource mobilization, I strive to create impactful initiatives that
empower communities and promote cross-cultural understanding.

With a strong dedication to service and a proven track record of leadership, I am driven to contribute
meaningfully to the advancement of both local and global communities. Let us connect and
collaborate to create positive change together! #


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