Rose Mayeku

Deputy Executive Director, KOICA Alumni - Kenya

Rose Mayeku – Deputy Executive Director, KOICA Alumni – Kenya Chapter (KAKC)

I am Rose Mayeku, and I am honored to serve as the Deputy Executive Director of the KOICA Alumni – Kenya Chapter (KAKC). I am passionate about the organization’s mission to connect Kenyan KOICA fellows, share experiences, and promote positive change in our communities.

My Commitment:
I am dedicated to upholding KAKC’s values and objectives. I believe in the power of collaboration and knowledge sharing to create positive change in Kenya. I am excited to work alongside fellow members to strengthen the KAKC network and its impact on our communities.

My Roles as Deputy Executive Director, KAKC: Supporting the Executive Director:

Program & Activity Implementation: I work hand-in-hand with the Executive Director to ensure KAKC’s programs and activities run smoothly. This involves assisting with planning, logistics, communication, and resource allocation.
Meetings & Operations: I attend regular and special meetings, take minutes, and keep track of action items. I also play a role in administrative tasks to maintain the day-to-day operations of KAKC.
Financial Oversight: Depending on the structure, I might assist with financial tasks, like record keeping or being a secondary signatory on the KAKC account.
Leading in the Executive Director’s Absence:
Stepping Up: When the Executive Director is unavailable, I take charge, assuming all their duties and responsibilities. This could involve presiding over meetings, making decisions, and representing KAKC externally.
Ensuring Continuity: My leadership ensures KAKC’s initiatives don’t stall. Projects and programs continue to move forward even during the Executive Director’s absence.
Taking on Special Assignments:
Versatility is Key: The Executive Director and the Executive Committee may entrust me with additional tasks that fall within KAKC’s objectives. This flexibility allows me to contribute my skills and talents in various areas.
Project-Specific Support: I may be assigned to assist with specific projects, manage committees, or lead initiatives that align with KAKC’s goals. #


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