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Dear KAKC,

It’s my pleasure to have this moment to extend my greetings to you all, hoping that you have been keeping and staying safe throughout this pandemic.

My greatest gratitude is to the Almighty God for granting us this opportunity to serve in the capacity of the Executive Committee. This came at a time when the whole world came to a standstill on the declaration of the Covid 19 pandemic.
I hope and pray that we shall overcome this someday, with the hopes of a vaccine so imminent.

This year had its challenges but with the support of KOICA and the teamwork shown by the Executive Committee, we are proud to say we have done our best.

Our objectives this year were:

  • To provide an opportunity for members to meet and share their experiences from Korea and network with the aim of improving KOICA’s training programs.
  • Provide a better way of living for the community through our activities in line with the Presidential Big 4 Agenda, specifically in enhancing manufacturing, as well as food security and nutrition; through the initiation of sustainable projects
    among the needy in the community and strengthening the existing projects that aim to eradicate poverty.

Guided by the above we were able to successfully undertake the following activities:



In strengthening our unity of purpose, the association in the previous financial year embarked on the creation of the alumni’s website. We spearheaded the activity during my tenure as the Secretary General and we are grateful that the second phase came to its completion this financial year. Completion of this activity was a milestone for the association’s long awaited dream.
The system part includes among others:

1. A text message notification to all alumni with the click of a button.
2. An online receipt generating upon payment for the subscription fees to the alumni and to the treasurer of the association.
3. An online voting system- this means that the alumni can vie for a position and gets elected even without meeting physically
4. Able to see at a glance the upcoming events and register for them.
5. Consolidates the alumni register and able to show the distribution of the alumni across the country.
The association becomes the first in Africa and Middle East Region to have a website

In the spirit of partnership and networking, the association through KOICA Kenya office, donated 145 infrared thermometers to four counties (Kiambu, Nandi, Vihiga and Kajiado counties) towards the fight against Covid 19.
The thermoguns, which were to be used in the triage areas, were handed over to the Ministry of Health by the South Korean Ambassador to Kenya, H.E. Choi Yeonghan.
In our efforts to provide a better way of living for the community through our activities in line with the presidential Big 4 Agenda, specifically in enhancing manufacturing as well as food security and nutrition, the association donated equipment to Muteithia Polytechnic – Naivasha. We aimed to initiate sustainable projects in the community and the strengthening of the existing projects that aim to eradicate poverty.
The said polytechnic was selected for its unique efforts in sponsoring needy students in the community even when they were not in a position to pay for the school fees needed.
The items donated were:
1: 100ltrs capacity Energy Saving Jiko ESJ- Mode of complete stainless-steel material.
2: 15ltrs capacity Twin Chamber heavy Duty electric deep fryer, fitted with two thermal controls and indicator lights.
3: 20ltrs capacity electric control tea urn fitted with two thermal controls and indicator lights
4: 1 carbon free oven.
With the above donation, the association in collaboration with Nakuru County were able to start a whole new department of food and beverage in the institution.
The association visited Ladyhope Wellness Institute in Kitisuru. This institute is well known for its efforts in fighting the stigma surrounding cancer and providing shelter for the cancer patients as they undergo their treatment at Kenyatta National Hospital. The same institute provides transport for the survivors to the treatment centers, which they have been able to sustain through payment of monthly contributions to the National Hospital Insurance Fund, in efforts to cushion the patients from huge hospital bills.
The greatest challenge the institute is facing now is providing a home for the survivors, since they are currently renting the facility they are in. A van for ferrying the patients to the hospital and back would be an added advantage to them since the cost of transporting the patients via taxi is very expensive. Ladyhope Wellness Institute also developed training for the survivors and their families on knitting and sewing. This was geared towards helping them earn a living. It was in this light that KAKC decided to donate sewing machines that would go a long way in achieving the said goal of alleviating poverty and putting in place sustainable projects for a better living.
On the occasions’ day, the association did the following: 1: Shared on cancer awareness in the era of Covid 19. Total number of 56 participants attended.
2: Donated 5 hand washing stations with foot pedals for both soap and water.
3: Donated two dozen hand washing liquid soap
Donated 600 face masks.
Donated five sewing machines to the survivors, families, and cancer patients who have been undergoing treatment and have also been trained on the same. This was geared to providing livelihoods to the families after some of them lost their jobs.
We also did an online Expansion Seminar by two members from the Executive touching on COVID-19 and alumni experiences in Korea. Both videos can be accessed on www.kakc.or.ke and on Facebook at www.facebook.com/groups/KAKC2019.

All the above activities would not have seen the light of the day if there had been no personal commitment and sacrifice from the members of the association and more so that of the Executive Committee.

Our commitment as an association is to continue fostering unity between these two countries and more so emulate the very best in our efforts to achieve the SDGs.

We must focus on bringing change and touching life in every activity we do. We must always focus on changing someone’s story for the better.

I wish to sincerely thank KOICA Kenya Office for their endless support, especially the former Country Director, Ms. Soyeon Shin, who supported and believed in us. To the Deputy Director, Ms. Yunjung Han, who has walked with us through our good and tough times, we say ‘God bless you’. We appreciate your efforts and your patience with us.

To the incoming Country Director Mr. Jang Hee IM, we say ‘Karibu Kenya’. With the few days we have had with you, the future looks bright. We are hoping that we shall continue touching lives in different ways
as we focus on bringing change. As you had clearly stated in our meetings, we shall drive the change.

To the Executive Committee, your sacrifices and dedication to the association are immeasurable. No one can pay you for the late-night meetings, early morning consultations, and all-day deliberations in the efforts to make KAKC great. I can say without a doubt you gave me your best as the Executive Director, Asanteni Sana.

Lastly, I wish to take this opportunity to thank the whole KAKC family for the support you gave us as a Committee, as well as to the KOICA team and in a special way the Manager, Ms. Aidah Mtende
Mwongela-Njiraini, for her endless efforts in ensuring that the two (KAKC and KOKE) are working in tandem.

To the Republic of South Korea, through her able representative, H.E. Yeonghan Choi, we thank you, and to the Kenyan Government and the State Department of Public Service and all County Governments, we thank you for your partnership and support.

God Bless Kenya, God Bless South Korea

Mr. Sankaire Daniel
KAKC, Executive Director.

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